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Navigating the SPAN Home App

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The SPAN Home App gives you insight and control over your SPAN Panel. When you first open the App, you'll be presented with the FLOW page featuring real-time insights into your home's energy usage and storage system.

From here, you'll be able to navigate through four different sections in the App:


  • Monitor your home's overall power consumption in real-time Watts
  • See the top 5 Circuits in order of power consumption
  • View power flow for Solar and Battery Storage
  • Review how much Battery Storage backup you currently have available to run your "Must Have" and "Nice to Have" Circuits.



  • View Circuits by Activity, Area, & In Panel
    • Activity: Sorts Circuits from most to least power consumption
    • Area: Sorts Circuits by home location. You can create and edit Home Areas for groups of Circuits within the App. For example, circuits for Refrigerator, Oven and Dishwasher can be grouped together in the Kitchen Home Area.
    • In Panel: View Circuits by physical location in The PanelScreenshot 2024-01-18 at 4.03.16 PM.png
  • Turn Circuits On and Off
    • Tap on a Circuit to enter the Circuit details page. Circuits can be turned on and off using the toggle in the top right corner: 
      Screenshot 2024-01-18 at 4.06.44 PM.png
      To perform routine service or maintenance on circuits connected to your Span Panel, confirm that the corresponding circuit breaker is switched to “OFF”. Powering down circuits using Span’s software control should not be considered a suitable off position.
  • View Each Circuit's Energy Use Over Time 
    • Click on the circuit in question and you'll see your usage data:


  • See your historical home, grid and battery storage energy consumption, as well as solar production
  • View by Today, Week, Month or Year


  • The SPAN Home App gives updates in several different ways: 
    • Push Notifications: these updates are shown on your phone even when the SPAN app is not open or active. You can adjust the types of content in settings under Notifications. If you don’t want them at all you can turn off notifications for SPAN in your mobile phone settings.
    • App Alerts: these are shown at the top of the flow page (the leftmost icon on the bottom of the app). It has the same if not very similar information to the push notifications. You can adjust the types of content in settings under Notifications.
    • Feed: this section displays a running list of all the information that is shown in the push notifications and app alerts. You cannot adjust what is shown here.