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Do I need more than one SPAN Panel?

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In some situations, installing more than one SPAN Panel may be required to accommodate your needs:

  • Larger homes with many circuits (more than 32)
  • Homes with utility service larger than 200 Amps (consult with your installer)
  • Users with multiple properties

If your home requires more than 32 circuits, keep in mind that:

  • Traditional “dumb” sub-panels may be connected to SPAN via the 200 Amp rated feed-through lugs or to a 90 Amp branch circuit.
  • SPAN supports tandem and quad style circuit breakers, allowing circuit capacity to increase up to 64.
    • When circuits are grouped on tandem breakers or in sub-panels, control and monitoring are combined in the SPAN Home App for these circuits.
  • SPAN Panels are only available with 32 slots, we do not offer smaller or larger panels. See our full list of panel specifications here: System Design & Specifications for SPAN Panels.

Considerations for multiple SPAN Panels

There are some consideration to keep in mind when deciding on a multiple SPAN Panel configuration: 

  • Depending on the installation configuration of your SPAN Panels, how you view your data in your SPAN Home App may differ. To learn more, check out the following articles: 
  • A single battery storage system can be connected to only one SPAN Panel. We recommend locating all essential backup loads on the most upstream SPAN Panel. SPAN Support is happy to provide installation recommendations for this configuration. 
  • Alexa can only be linked to one SPAN Panel.

Setting Up Multiple Panels

  1. You will be prompted to follow the onboarding process for your first SPAN Panel in the Home App
  2. You will then be prompted to set up each additional SPAN Panel from a “New Home” banner in the homepage.
  3. If other members in your home need access to SPAN Panel(s), you will need to invite them to each SPAN Panel.