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How to view multiple Panels in the Home App

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Depending on your home and your service needs, you may need more than one SPAN Panel: What if I need more than one SPAN Panel?

Multiple SPAN Panels may be installed in your home if you have more than 32 circuits or your home has electrical service greater than 200A. Depending on your specific SPAN Panels installation configuration, each SPAN Panel may appear as stand-alone Panels, individually represented in the SPAN Home App. When SPAN Panels are individually represented, there are some limitations:

Each SPAN Panel will report data separately within the SPAN Home App.

  • Circuits from individual SPAN Panels are not able to be mixed into groups.
  • A single battery storage can be connected to only one SPAN Panel. We recommend locating all essential backup loads on the backed-up SPAN Panel. SPAN Support is happy to provide installation recommendations for this configuration. 
  • Alexa can only be linked to one SPAN Panel.
  • SPAN sub-Panels will be shown as a single Area.

Because of some of these limitations, you will need to switch between each of the Panels using your SPAN Home App. This will allow you to view energy insights and power flows for each SPAN Panel individually, and turn the circuits in each Panel off or on.

Switching between SPAN Panels using the Home App

  1. Click Settings on the bottom right corner.
  2. Click Switch Panel on the white menu.
  3. Select the panel you would like to view from the list and you’ll see the individual date for this panel.