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Viewing your Primary Panel in the SPAN Home App

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Welcome to your unified multi-Panel Home App view! SPAN automatically detects eligible homes that are designed with a primary SPAN Panel to provide unified power and energy data in the SPAN Home App. A primary SPAN Panel is the single most upstream Panel that powers additional SPAN sub-Panels, from either the branch circuit breakers or feed-through lugs. 

Depending on your SPAN Panels’ specific installation configuration, the Home App experience may slightly differ from one homeowner to another.*

Viewing Your Primary Panel in the Home App

When you have a primary panel, you’ll see all of the circuits and energy data from all panels in a unified home view: 

SPAN dashboard of 4 SPAN Panels in a unified home

The unified home is represented by the primary SPAN Panel. The number to the right of the SPAN Panel indicates the total number of SPAN Panels in this unified home (in the example above, we can see there are 4).

By clicking into the “Circuits” tab, you can monitor and control every SPAN Panel’s branch circuits in your home.

SPAN measures branch circuits and Panel power consumption live with high accuracy but there can be very minimal discrepancies between SPAN Panels. 

Why am I missing SPAN Panel data from my primary SPAN Panel view?

If you have a primary SPAN Panel but you notice that details from one or more of your SPAN Panels are missing, it’s possible some of your Panels do not connect to your primary SPAN Panel or are sub-Panels to a different SPAN Panel.

If you have two SPAN Panels that are not connected directly together but each have their own SPAN sub-Panel (connected via breakers or feed-through lugs), then you will have two primary SPAN Panels. Each primary SPAN Panel will report power and energy data independently from the other. Tap into Settings and then Switch panels to access the other primary SPAN Panel.

How does SPAN determine if I’m eligible for the unified multi-Panel Home App experience?

To see your multiple SPAN Panels unified in the Home App, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Be using the SPAN Home App version 2.13 and higher
  • Your home has a primary SPAN Panel (most upstream SPAN Panel) feeding SPAN sub-Panel(s) from either breakers or feed-thru lugs
  • Solar and/or Battery Backup Systems (if applicable) are installed and integrated with only the primary SPAN Panel.
  • SPAN Drive (if applicable) is installed in only the primary SPAN Panel.

I have the correct configuration, why don’t I have a Primary Panel?

If you have the correct multi-panel configuration but you are not seeing the primary panel experience in your SPAN Home App, please see the below explanations: 

  • Incorrect SPAN Home App Version:
    The unified home experience will only be available with SPAN Home App version 2.13 or higher. 
  • Solar and/or Battery Backup Systems Issue:
    The unified home experience is ineligible to Panels where solar or storage is landed or integrated with a SPAN sub-Panel instead of the primary SPAN Panel. Instead, you’ll see your data presented separately as shown in this article: How to view multiple Panels in the Home App.
  • Mismatched Information:
    If you believe that your SPAN Panels are installed in an eligible configuration for the unified home experience but you are not seeing all of your data reflected collectively in your SPAN Home App, it’s possible that your Panels may have been commissioned with mismatched information. Please feel free to reach out to SPAN Support to correct any outdated or incorrect information. 

What does the outage backup experience look like?

In the event of an outage, only the primary SPAN Panel will go into off-grid mode and automatically shed non-essential circuits. Circuits in downstream SPAN Panel(s) will need to be manually turned off in the circuits page. The backup experience is the same as homes ineligible for the unified Home App experience.


*If you have multiple SPAN Panels but they were not installed with a primary SPAN Panel, or the specifics of your install preclude your home from the unified multi-Panel home experience, please check out the following article instead: How to view multiple Panels in the Home App.