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My SPAN App is telling me my Panel is offline!

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In order to control your SPAN Home App, SPAN requires power (either from the grid or a battery storage system) and a working internet connection. If you receive a "Panel Offline" alert, this means:

  • Your Panel has lost its connection to the internet
  • Your Panel is no longer receiving power

Review the below troubleshooting steps to identify the issue or attempt to restore connectivity.

Confirm your SPAN Panel has power

If either of the following are true, SPAN is currently powered:

  1. The LED lights on the inside of the Panel enclosure turn on when you open the door
  2. You can see Panel's Wi-Fi network (SPAN_Cxxxx) broadcasting and available on your devices.

If your Panel is not receiving power, this is likely due to a local power outage or drained battery (if storage is present). You will need to wait for power to be restored or your battery to charge before you can interface with Panel again.

Confirm your home internet is working

Do you have a working internet connection on other devices, such as your smartphone or tablet?

If you are unsure, put your phone in airplane mode and connect to your home Wi-Fi. If you are able to use your Wi-Fi connection in this configuration, your home internet should be working fine.


If you accidentally turned off the Circuit controlling your Home router:

  • First try the 'Emergency Reconnect' feature to attempt bringing power back to your router Circuit:
    • Navigate to Settings >
    • Scroll down to Devices and Software >
    • Select Emergency Reconnect and then follow the on-screen instructions to turn the Circuit back on
  • If this does not work, but you have other outlets that are receiving power, you can run an extension cord from the working outlet to your router to restore power.

If you have recently made changes to your home network, you will need to update your Panel's connectivity settings:

Follow the below steps for updating your Wi-Fi connection in the Home App:

  • Navigate to Settings >
  • Choose All Settings >
  • Scroll down to Devices and Software >
  • Select Internet Connection >
  • On the connection page, click on WiFi Network and then follow the on-screen instructions to reconnect your Wi-Fi

If the above steps do not resolve your connection:

  • If you have moved or unplugged any ethernet cables or network switches, try returning them to their original configuration.
  • Restart the home router.

If you do not have a working internet connection:

  1. Make sure your router is on.
  2. Check with your ISP to see if there is an outage.

If your internet is working, your Panel is powered, and you have tried the above steps with no luck, please contact SPAN Support with your serial number and the steps you have already taken and we will further troubleshoot the connection for you.

Once you have restored power/internet to your Panel, make sure all Circuits that contain networking equipment are set up in the Circuits with Internet page.