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Adding Solar to your SPAN Panel

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note: this article applies to Solar+SPAN installations without a Battery Backup system. If you will be installing Solar with a battery backup system, please refer to this article: Adding Battery Backup to your SPAN Panel

Planning on adding solar to your SPAN panel? Here's what you need to know. 

  • SPAN may be paired with any grid-tied solar inverter.
  • SPAN measures solar production directly - no communication wiring is required between SPAN and the solar system.
  • The circuit breaker feeding the solar inverter must be installed in your SPAN Panel to enable monitoring in the SPAN Home App.


Provide this one-page Solar Addition guide to your solar installer before installation day so they know what to expect. If they have any questions, they can reach Span Support at

Adding Solar to SPAN

In order to enable solar monitoring in the SPAN Home App, your solar system must be fed from a breaker in one of the bottom slots in your SPAN panel. Depending on the current configuration of your panel, your solar installer may need to relocate breakers or combine multiple circuits onto tandem breakers to make space. 

Your solar installer will need to be aware of two critical specifications:

  • Maximum branch breaker size - 90A
  • Busbar rating - 225A


Installation Day

Ask your solar installer to record the following details, found in the guide linked above.

    • Solar DC array size
    • Solar inverter circuit breaker position in SPAN
    • Solar inverter brand and model

To enable solar monitoring in your SPAN Home App, please submit this information to SPAN Support will update your system within 1 business day.