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Adding Battery Backup to your SPAN Panel

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Planning on adding battery backup to your SPAN Panel? Here's what you need to know.

  • SPAN is designed to replace the critical loads panel in a battery backup system.
  • SPAN is compatible with the following backup systems:
    • Tesla Powerwall and Powerwall+
    • SolarEdge Energy Hub with LG Chem RESU or SolarEdge Energy Bank storage*
      * SPAN is compatible with up to 3 Energy Hub inverters
  • A hardwired communications cable is required between your SPAN panel and the battery backup system.


Provide the appropriate one-page Battery Addition Guide to your installer before installation day so they know what to expect. If they have any questions, please direct them to contact SPAN Support.

Adding Tesla Powerwall Storage to SPAN

Adding SolarEdge Energy Hub Storage to SPAN

Make sure your installer knows that you'll need a hardwired communications cable between SPAN and your backup system so it can be included in the scope of work, and they come prepared with the right materials. 

Installation Day

Ask your installer to record the following details, found in the respective guide linked above.

    • Total number of batteries
    • Tesla Energy Gateway password (Powerwall only)
    • Backup inverter circuit breaker position in SPAN
    • Solar DC array size (if applicable)
    • Solar inverter brand and model (if applicable)
    • Solar inverter breaker location (if applicable)

To enable battery backup features in your SPAN Home App, please submit this information to SPAN Support will update your system within 1 business day.