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Do I need an internet connection for my SPAN Panel?

The SPAN Panel requires an internet connection to enable monitoring, control features, and to ensure the hardware receives the latest software updates.

While we recommend that installers connect SPAN Panels over ethernet, we understand this is not always an option and Wi-Fi can be used as an alternative. 

However, Wi-Fi is not as stable as an ethernet connection and depending on the strength of your Wi-Fi, you may have trouble connecting it to your panel. 

How do I test the strength of my Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi network planning tools, such as NetSpot (unaffiliated with SPAN), can be used to evaluate the strength of your Wi-Fi signal and can also help design effective Wi-FI networks. We recommend that you or your installer test the Wi-Fi signal in the area where you plan to install the panel prior to installation. 

For reference, the desired average signal strength is -60 dBm and higher, measured in RSSI, for the best experience. Please note that a value of -50 dBm, for example, is better than -60 dBm. 

With NetSpot’s free software (they do offer both free and paid versions), a user can evaluate the RSSI level of all Wi-Fi networks that are detectable at a specific location with the application running on a laptop.

For SPAN applications, stand in the proposed location of the SPAN Panel and observe the RSSI for all available networks. If the desired network has a consistent RSSI of -60 dBm or greater, this is a good indicator that Wi-Fi could be a reliable connection method. 

Below are example RSSI values for available networks

For interested users, programs like NetSpot can also be used to design future networks and simulate RSSI levels, as pictured below. This is a good option for homeowners who are considering upgrading their Wi-Fi network and want to understand the ideal router location. 

How can I improve my weak Wi-Fi signal?

On sites with a weak Wi-Fi signal, we suggest trying the following:

  • Use a dedicated hardwired ethernet cable to connect the SPAN Panel to the home router.
  • Use a Powerline Ethernet Adapter to create an Ethernet connection between the SPAN Panel and the home router.
  • Upgrade the home Wi-Fi router to a multi-band AC router. Additional non-overlapping access point channels may also be added to improve signal quality. SPAN Panels have low data transmission requirements and will perform better connected to 2.4 GHz bands.

How do I update my Wi-Fi settings? 

You can effortlessly update your WiFi connections through the SPAN Home App with these simple steps:

  1. Open the SPAN Home App: Be sure you are using the latest version of the SPAN Home App: Android / iOS

  2. Navigate to Settings: You'll find this option at the bottom of the Home App.

  3. Access All Settings: Within the "Settings" menu, select the "All settings" option.

  4. Open Internet Connection: Scroll down through the settings until you come across "Internet Connection" and select it.

  5. Select Wi-Fi Network: Click on the option labeled “WiFi Network.”

  6. Select the Desired Wi-Fi Network: If you are unable to see your WiFi Network, try moving the WiFi router closer to the Panel.

    If moving the router is not an option, you may need to install a WiFi range extender. 

  7. Enter Wi-Fi Password: Enter the password for the WiFi network.

  8. Connect to Wi-Fi: Press the  "Connect to WiFi" button and you are done. 

If the password is correct and the WiFi network is within range, your SPAN Panel will connect to your WiFi. If you experience any issues along the way, please contact SPAN Support.