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SPAN Panels - Connectivity

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An internet connection is required to control SPAN with the SPAN Home App and monitor energy flow and usage data.

The SPAN Panel contains an internet-connected gateway that primarily connects via Ethernet and Wi-Fi. In the case of an internet outage, all SPAN panels have a cellular backup connection to ensure you are always connected.

The SPAN Panel will continue to operate according to its most recent settings even when home internet or cellular service are temporarily lost. The SPAN system will also continue to monitor the utility grid and transition into off-grid mode in the event of a power outage.

If cellular and home internet are lost, the SPAN Panel hosts a local wi-fi network. The Emergency Reconnect option in the SPAN Home app allows you to connect to the SPAN panel's local wii-fi and turn your home's internet circuit back on.

Home Automation Integrations

SPAN is currently integrated with Amazon Alexa. While SPAN is not compatible with other Home Automation Systems at this time, we are continually working to expand our integrations. 

Alexa Integration in the SPAN Home App


The SPAN Panel will periodically receive free, over-the-air (OTA) software updates so you can enjoy the latest features and updates.


Our users’ privacy and security is of the utmost importance. All communication pathways between devices connected to your Span panel and between the Span panel and the cloud are encrypted using industry-standard security protocol including TLS 1.2 and AES-256. As new features and updates are developed, the Span system is rigorously tested against these standards to maintain our commitment to our users’ privacy and security.

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