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Adding or Modifying Breakers (Circuits) In Your SPAN Panel

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Who can add or modify your breakers?

You don’t need a SPAN-authorized installer to add or modify your breakers, any electrician can help you with this. However, if they are not SPAN-authorized, you’ll need to contact SPAN Support to ensure the changes are reflected in your SPAN Home App.

Find our list of compatible breakers in our System Design & Specifications for SPAN Panels article. 

What do I do if I add or modify my circuits?

To ensure the changes are reflected in your SPAN Home App, you’ll need to contact SPAN Support to share details about the change. 

What do you need to send SPAN Support? 

When you’re ready to submit your request to have your circuits updated in the Home App, please reach out to SPAN Support with the following information:

  • SPAN Panel Serial #
  • Breaker Type
      • Is this a 1-pole or 2-pole breaker?
      • Is this a tandem or quad breaker?
  •  Breaker Position
      • For 2-pole breakers, please provide both circuit positions (Ex: circuits 5/7 or 20/22).
  •  Breaker Amperage
      • This can be found printed on the breaker switch.
  • Preferred Circuit Name 
  • Does this circuit contain a network router or WiFi equipment?
  • Anything else you'd like us to know about these breakers

If you need to update/add more than one breaker, you can provide us with the above information for each breaker, or take a picture of the breakers in your Panel and let us know which breaker numbers need to be changed or added.

How long will it take for updates to appear in the Home App?

Once we receive your email with the above information, we will update your system within 1 business day. You will see the changes in your app immediately after they are made.