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How to assign your Backup Priorities

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What are Backup Priorities?
Backup Priorities determine how a circuit will receive power from a compatible storage system when SPAN is off-grid or during an outage.

  • Must Have circuits will remain powered until the battery reserve is met.
  • Nice to Have circuits will remain powered until the battery is at 50% state of charge.
  • Non-Essential circuits will be turned off when SPAN goes to off-grid mode and will remain off until grid power is restored.

How to assign your Backup Priorities

When your SPAN Panel is first installed, Circuits are assigned a default priority. To ensure the Circuits you need are backed up, it is recommended that you assign your backup priorities soon after setting up your account.

  • Navigate to the "Backup" page, either from "Flowor "Settings"

  • Toggle between estimations: See how much backup you have if an outage were to occur "with a full battery" or "right now at XX%".
  • Reassign your Circuit Priorities: Tap the left side to prioritize, tap the right side to deprioritize. Estimates shown on the bottom corners of the Circuit tell you how much backup time you will gain or lose by changing the Priority.


A note about Always On Circuits

Circuits marked as Always On are in the Must Have category for backup by default and cannot be moved into another category.

For information on Always On circuits that will always be powered, regardless of grid status, see How to set your Always On Circuits.