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How to set your Always On Circuits

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Certain types of loads should be continuously powered to ensure that a smooth backup experience and consistent internet connection, even during an outage. For example, circuits with essential items such as an internet router, modem, smoke alarms, or surge protector should be marked Always On.

It is especially important that your Always On Circuits are correctly selected to ensure your Panel always maintains an internet connection. 


Please keep in mind: 

  • Circuits marked Always On cannot be turned off with Home App circuit controls.
  • For SPAN with compatible storage systems, circuits marked Always On will be put into the Must Have category Backup Priorities by default and cannot be moved to Nice to Have or Non-Essential categories. 


Your installer will select your Always On Circuits during commissioning.

If you ever move your router to a different circuit, you can update the Circuits in the SPAN Home App:

  1. Navigate to SETTINGS
  2. From there, select ALL SETTINGS
  3. Under Settings, select ALWAYS-ON CIRCUITS
  4. Select the Circuits you want identified as those which have an internet connection
  5. Make sure to SAVE CIRCUITS