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What to expect during an outage

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SPAN does not power your home by itself when an outage occurs. To have home backup during an outage, you would need to have a compatible/integrated storage system (read more here: Storage System Integrations with SPAN)

SPAN only (no solar or storage) 

When the SPAN Panel is not paired with a compatible/integrated storage system, it does not possess any backup capabilities. In the event of a grid power loss, it will act as a normal breaker box and your circuits will lose power until grid power is restored.

SPAN with solar only (no storage)

During an electrical outage, your solar system will not provide power to your home, unless you have a system that is specifically designed to do so. Solar-only inverters are designed to shut off to prevent sending power to the grid when it could be dangerous to electrical workers. If you have additional questions regarding your specific solar system and what to expect during an outage, it is recommended that you reach out to your solar provider for more information.

SPAN with storage 

When the SPAN Panel is paired with a compatible/integrated storage system, the SPAN Panel manages grid status and displays power flow based on readings from the storage system. More information about compatible/integrated storage systems can be found in our FAQ: Solar & Storage Systems.

Upon detecting a grid outage, the storage system will direct your SPAN Panel to go into off-grid mode, and you receive a banner notification in your Home App about the outage. 

Circuits marked as “Must Have” and “Nice to Have” will receive power from the battery. Any circuits marked as 'non-essential' will turn off for the entire duration of the outage unless they are moved into the 'nice to have' or 'must have' priorities. When your batteries reach 50% capacity, the "Nice to Have" circuits will shut off, conserving battery charge and extending the available backup time during an outage. You can learn more about setting your backup priorities at How to Assign Your Backup Priorities.

Once grid power is restored, your storage system notifies the SPAN Panel to go on-grid. Once on-grid, all “Non-essential” circuits and previously turned off “Nice to Have” circuits will automatically turn on. Subsequently, the red "Power Outage!" banner in your Home App will disappear.

If grid power is restored to your area but the red "Power Outage!" banner remains and a new banner reading  "Backup Communication Lost" also appears, click on the new banner and you'll see the option to "Go on-grid" again. Be sure to first confirm that the grid is back up before moving forward: 

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For details on SPAN with non-compatible storage systems, see Non-compatible/integrated battery systems.

SPAN with generator (no storage) 

SPAN offers limited backup experience when there is no compatible/integrated storage system. The Panel will not go into off-grid mode with only a standby generator, automatic backup load shedding and circuit prioritization features will be unavailable. When there is an outage and your home is solely powered by a standby generator upstream of SPAN, you must manually toggle off non-essential circuits in the Home App. Once grid power is restored, manually toggle on previously turned off circuits. Any power supplied by a standby generator will appear as grid power in the Home App.

See Can I install SPAN with a Standby Generator for guidance on if a standby generator is right for you.

SPAN with generator part of storage system

When the SPAN Panel is paired with both a generator and a compatible/integrated storage system, the generator must be installed according to the specifications of both the storage system manufacturer and SPAN. 

During an outage, your SPAN Panel will enter off-grid mode, deactivating your "non-essential" circuits and display an outage banner in the Home App - identical to the SPAN with storage outage experience. Once your battery depletes to a  threshold set by its manufacturer, it will instruct the generator to supply power. For detailed insights into how your storage system and generator collaborate, it's recommended to contact your storage system manufacturer. Upon grid power restoration, the storage system will alert the generator, and your home will transition back to being powered by the grid. Subsequently, you'll receive a banner notification confirming the restoration of grid power.