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Can I install SPAN with a standby generator?

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Please review the below document and reach out to SPAN Support with questions prior to installation. Installing a generator with SPAN has some limitations and your SPAN Home App experience will not present generator power flows or backup options.

The SPAN Panel may be installed with a standby generator – with limited functionality only when the SPAN Panel is downstream of an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) or Manual Transfer Switch (MTS) to manage generator connection



Is this right for my project?

Please keep in mind the following limitations of home backup via generators with SPAN:

The SPAN Home App does not support off-grid features for standby generators today*

  • Automatic load shedding during outages, time remaining estimations, and backup load prioritization features displayed in the SPAN Home App are only supported with SPAN-compatible battery storage systems. During an outage, you will need to toggle Circuits off via the Home App if you do not want them to be powered - none of this will be automated.
  • SPAN power flows will present all generator power as coming from the grid during an outage.
  • Today, there is no communication wiring possible between the SPAN panel and an upstream generator. Because of this, you will not have any data shared with or communication between the devices (ex: grid status, the energy available via fuel capacity, etc.)

  • When supplied by a standby power source like a generator, the total loads in any single SPAN Panel are limited to 200A.

* There may be some configurations where a generator can be connected to a SPAN-compatible battery storage system and still retain some advanced SPAN functionalities. Please refer to the installation guide for the battery system and additional support information for such systems, such as the Powerwall Generator Guide.

SPAN does not recommend installing solar generation with ATS + generator systems**

  • Solar inverters must never be allowed to backfeed into a standby generator. Operating a grid-interactive solar PV inverter in parallel with a standby generator can lead to hazardous situations and severe equipment damage, since standby generators are not designed to accept backfed power. The SPAN Panel will not automatically manage the isolation of solar PV from a standby generator source.
  • Installing solar PV circuits upstream of an ATS/MTS will result in no monitoring of solar production via the SPAN Home App.

** SPAN is not responsible for any damage to equipment if solar PV is installed and/or operational while a generator is running




Generators must always be connected upstream of the SPAN Panel

  • Never connect standby generator AC output directly in the SPAN Panel via a breaker or feed-through lugs.
  • Use only transfer switch equipment listed for use with the standby generator. Follow all local codes and standards when installing standby generators. Follow all installation guidance from the standby generator manufacturer. 


Can I use a portable generator with SPAN?

  • Portable batteries, portable generators, and manual transfer switches such as a generator interlock kit cannot be landed in SPAN. If a portal battery with a manual transfer switch is used, it must be installed upstream of SPAN only.
  • Please note: SPAN Panel requires 120/240V split phase AC Voltage. Support is not able to help with issues related to an unsupported configuration.