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How do I calibrate my SPAN Panel and Enphase IQ Batteries?

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SPAN is compatible with Enphase IQ batteries when installed with the Remote Meter Kit.


Remote Meter Kit is wired into the Enphase system to measure voltage and current at various points. It then transmits the data to the SPAN Panel through a single communications cable. This gives SPAN all of the data needed to offer dynamic, intelligent backup.


The unique nature of this integration means there are times when it may be useful to calibrate the battery. The SPAN Home app gives homeowners the option to manually calibrate the battery to ensure that the Panel is accurately estimating the battery charge level.

When and why should I calibrate SPAN and the Enphase battery?

When SPAN is first connected to Enphase, you may see a banner in the SPAN Home app that says “Battery calibration in progress.” You can enter battery information manually to show charge level without the wait.


If you notice a discrepancy between the SPAN Home app and the Enphase Enlighten app, it may be helpful to calibrate the battery to get SPAN and Enphase apps in sync. See also What’s wrong with my data?


Calibrating is as easy as entering information from the Enphase Enlighten app into your SPAN Home app.  


  1. In the SPAN Home app, tap the battery icon on the Flow screen, or tap the banner that says “battery calibration in progress.”
  2. Tap “calibrate” next to the battery percentage to enter “Calibrate SPAN” screen
    1. Check that the system size is accurate in the Battery System section.
  3. In the Battery System Status section, enter current charge level, operating mode, and Backup reserve.
    1. Enter current charge level of the Enphase IQ battery. Find charge level on the Enlighten status screen next to your battery icon.
    2. Enter Operating mode, known as Profile in Enlighten (ie Savings mode, Self-consumption, or Full Backup)
    3. Enter Backup reserve percentage, called Reserve in Enlighten. Access it using the gear icon next to Profile on the Enlighten Status screen.