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Using Smartcar

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What is Smartcar?

Smartcar is a third-party API that allows SPAN Drive to access and display your vehicle’s information -  such as make and model, state of charge, and range.

Smartcar is not required to use Drive. All Drive features (excluding Smartcar benefits) will be accessible whether you choose to use Smartcar or not.

How Do I Use Smartcar? 

If you choose to register your vehicle, you’ll do the following:

  1. Open your SPAN Home App and go to the SPAN Drive page.
  2. Click “Add Vehicle” and choose your vehicle’s brand.
  3. Click “Connect Vehicle'' and you’ll be directed to the login screen for your vehicle’s brand. 
  4. Choose the vehicle you want connected to your SPAN Home App.
  5. Click “Allow” and you’ll be redirected back to your SPAN Home App. 

What if I have Multiple Vehicles? 

If you have multiple vehicles, you can still charge them without issue using Drive but only one vehicle can be registered through SmartCar. We recommend choosing your primary vehicle to register. 

What if I can’t pair my vehicle with Smartcar?

Keep in mind that not all vehicle makes and models are supported by Smartcar (this is a limitation of Smartcar, not SPAN) and newer models may take some time to be added to their system. 

A full list of vehicle makes compatible with Smartcar can be found on their website here. If your vehicle is not supported, you can still use all SPAN Drive features, but you will not be able to see the state of charge for your vehicle in the SPAN Home app.

If your vehicle is compatible with Smatcar but is not connecting, please contact SPAN Support and share:

  • Your vehicle details (make, model, year)
  • Screenshots and description of the issue(s) you encountered