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App Alerts

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The SPAN Home App may display an alert to show that something is not behaving as expected. Below is a table of common alerts, what they mean, and what action you should take. If the recommended action does not work, please contact SPAN Support.


⚠️ Alert ⚠️ Content Action
"Power Outage"

If you have a battery:
You have X hours of backup. Extend your backup by prioritizing circuits. 

If not:

If you have notifications turned on, you will be notified when the power’s back online.

Your home is currently experiencing an outage. Manage your backup priorities if you have a Battery to extend your backup life. Turn notifications on to be notified when your power is back online.
"Panel Offline" Please verify that your internet router is working. If it is, you may need to connect to a wifi network provided by the Panel to re-establish connectivity. Check that your internet router and other home network equipment are powered and operating normally. 
"Contact SPAN" Your Panel has lost its connection to your battery system. Please contact Span Support. If it does not shortly recover, please contact for assistance. 

"Contact SPAN"

(w/ Tesla)

Your Panel has lost its connection to your Tesla battery system due to a missing or incorrect password. Please contact Span Support. Please contact for assistance. 
"Setup In Progress"

SolarEdge system still being configured. Battery data temporarily unavailable. Please contact Span if this persists for more than 48 hours after installation.

If it does not complete configuration after 48 hours, please contact for assistance. 
"Contact SPAN"  We encountered a fault with your battery system. Your Panel will remain in its current state until the error is cleared by Span Support. Please contact for assistance. 

My breaker tripped but I didn't get an alert from SPAN!

Today, SPAN cannot tell when a physical breaker is tripped. Because of this, you may see that a Circuit shows as 'on' even though power is not flowing to those outlets. This does not mean that the Circuit is actively receiving power, but that it will allow power to come through when it is available. Turning a Circuit off and on activates the relays behind the physical breaker in your Panel, but does not interact with the breaker itself. If a Circuit is not powered, but shows as 'ON' - please check the physical breaker in your Panel.