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How to add appliances and devices to your Circuits

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Listing appliances in each circuit helps SPAN improve the categorization of energy monitoring in your home. Under the 'Stats' tab in the Home app, you will see a breakdown of how you're using energy. This breakdown will evolve over time, as you add more appliances and devices to your Circuits. Doing so helps SPAN better understand what the main category of each of your Circuits is.

How to add appliances to a circuit:

  • In the SPAN Home app, click Circuits at the bottom.
  • Filter by Activity, Area or In Panel. "Activity" is the default view.
  • Click Start Listing  button to add appliances into that circuit. A list of popular appliances will appear to select from.
  • Select the appliance, then Save Changes.



Adding "custom" appliance and devices to Circuits 

If your appliance is not listed, you can add an appliance and device with a customized name:

  • Choose the circuit to add an item to
  • Tap the Start Listing  button
  • Input the name of the appliance or device in the search box
  • If the item is not found, your search term will be available to save as a new custom item with a box to select
  • Save changes
  • Add more items on that circuit with the "+Add button" on the far right side of that screen