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Storage System Integrations with SPAN

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Solar-only Systems

SPAN may be paired with any grid-tied solar inverter. No communication wiring is required between SPAN and solar systems without battery backup. The circuit breaker feeding the solar inverter must be installed in your SPAN Panel to allow SPAN to monitor your solar production.

Solar & Storage Systems

SPAN is currently compatible with the following battery storage systems. We are continually working to expand our compatibility to support more storage systems in the future.

  • Tesla Powerwall
    • Powerwall 2 (with Backup Gateway 1 or Backup Gateway 2)
    • Powerwall 3 (with Backup Switch, Backup Gateway 2, Backup Gateway 3)
    • Powerwall+ (with Backup Switch or Backup Gateway 2)
  • SolarEdge Home Hub
    • with Home Backup Interface
    • with SolarEdge Home Battery
      *SPAN can be paired with up to 2 Energy Hub inverters
  • Enphase IQ Battery
    • IQ 3, 3T, 10, 10T batteries with IQ System Controller 1 or 2*
    • IQ 5P batteries with IQ System Controller 3*
      *Enphase IQ Battery compatibility requires SPAN Remote Meter Kit accessory.
  • FranklinWH aPower
    • aPower (with aGate)

As part of the installation with battery storage systems, SPAN requires either a wired communications connection to the battery system (SolarEdge, Tesla, FranklinWH) or SPAN Remote Meter Kit (Enphase) to ensure robust functionality during an outage. Details for your SPAN-Authorized installer can be found on the SPAN Tech Portal. 

Keep in mind that your solar and storage systems must be added to SPAN by your installer or, for SolarEdge and Tesla Powerwall 2 or Powerwall +, by SPAN Support. If solar or storage systems are installed after SPAN, please collect the information from this page and submit your request to SPAN Support. Solar and battery reporting will not appear in your Home App until the systems are added.

Please note: To ensure your system is properly reporting solar and battery insights, your solar and storage systems must be upstream of SPAN. 

We take home backup seriously.

Delivering reliable power—especially during outages—is essential. At SPAN, we thoroughly evaluate every backup system we integrate with. This includes extensive performance testing and establishing direct communications between SPAN and the storage system to enable backup prioritization, energy insights, and predictive algorithms. Today, SPAN can be paired with market-leading, field-proven home battery systems covering 80% of the market, and we’re constantly evaluating new ones!

Non-compatible/integrated battery systems

SPAN cannot offer technical support for battery systems which are not on our supported list (see above) of integrations at this time. Issues arising from mis-installation or non-integrated storage system faults may not be covered by SPAN’s warranty.

Installation restrictions with non-integrated battery systems:

  • Disconnection from the utility grid must be managed by the battery storage system, upstream of the SPAN Panel. Never, in any way, attempt to use the SPAN Panel itself to manage the disconnect/reconnect of a non-integrated battery system to the utility grid.
  • No automatic load management is available. All loads which exceed the rated power of the backup system must be manually managed during backup or connected outside of SPAN.
  • Follow manufacturers’ guidance and local codes and standards for sizing backup loads and for approved installation methods.

Feature limitations with non-integrated battery systems:

  • The SPAN Home App does not support any off-grid features for these systems. Automatic load management during outages, backup time remaining estimations, and backup priority features are not supported with these systems. During an outage, you will need to toggle Circuits off via the Home App if you wish to power them off.
  • Power and energy data in the SPAN Home App may be incorrect or incomplete depending on the installation method and the battery storage system. During an outage, SPAN will continue to report all energy coming into the home as grid power.

Do I still need a Tesla Gateway or SolarEdge Backup Interface grid disconnect?

Yes, SPAN is designed to work alongside a Tesla Backup Gateway or a SolarEdge Backup Interface. Today, these 3rd party Grid Disconnect devices are still required for Powerwall or SolarEdge backup systems. However, by adding SPAN’s intelligent load management, many customers find that fewer batteries are needed to last through an outage.

Standby Generators

SPAN may be installed with Standby Generators in a limited capacity. Please see our Generator Guidance and Recommendations for more information.

SPAN Drive

What Battery Storage Systems can be paired with SPAN Drive?

SPAN Drive works with all battery backup systems that are integrated with the SPAN Panel.

SPAN's current battery integrations include SolarEdge Energy Hub, Tesla Powerwall (Powerwall 2, Powerwall 3, Powerwall+), FranklinWH aPower (with aGate), and Enphase IQ Batteries via SPAN Remote Meter Kit. We are continually working to expand our integrations to support more storage systems in the future.

Can I get the same features and functionality with other EV chargers?

For now, all SPAN Drive functionality is only available with SPAN hardware products. Other EV chargers may be installed with SPAN, but will not offer the full set software features to charge faster, cleaner, and smarter!