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Quick Start Guide

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Meet your new SPAN Smart Panel

  • Smart monitoring & controls at circuit-level for your home loads, solar, batteries, EVs
  • Fully customizable backup to extend your home battery power in an outage
  • Streamlined design for fast installation and fewer boxes on your wall

What is SPAN?
Introduction to the SPAN Home App

Setting up your SPAN Home

Once your SPAN-authorized Installer has finished the last steps of the installation process, they will ask you to provide the email address you would like to use to create your SPAN Home account. You'll receive an invitation email to download the SPAN Home app (if you haven't already) and set up your account.

Create your SPAN Home Account: Setting Up Your Account
Learn how to interface with your new SPAN Panel and understand your Dashboard: How do I use SPAN?
Make sure the Circuits controlling your router are labeled as essential to ensure your connection is maintained: Setting Your Circuits With Internet
Update your Backup Priorities by moving Circuits between 'Must have', 'Nice to have', and 'Non Essential': Assigning Your Backup Priorities


Learn more by exploring the rest of our FAQs:

Check out the manual for your SPAN Panel to explore your new system: SPAN Panel Owner Documents

For additional support, contact SPAN: How can I contact you?