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How do I use SPAN?

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How do I use SPAN?

You can use the SPAN Home App to monitor your home’s energy consumption, solar production, battery system, and EV charging. You have the ability to turn circuits on/off manually while at home or away. You can automate which circuits should take priority to remain on during off-grid operation when your home is relying on your battery.

Download the Span Home App at

SPAN Panel + Drive

SPAN Drive uses a standard U.S. Level 2 J1772 charging connector which is compatible with all EVs on the road today*. Through the SPAN Home App, Drive allows you to charge faster, cleaner, and smarter than any other EV charger on the market.

*Tesla requires a J1772 adapter, provided standard with all Tesla vehicles.

SPAN Drive offers different control modes:

  • Charge Dynamically

  • Charge on Schedule