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How does SPAN Drive work?

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How does SPAN Drive allow me to charge from solar?

By sitting at the electrical center of your home, the SPAN Panel has visibility into power flowing between the grid, solar, battery, and home loads. This insight can be used to selectively direct power generated from solar into your EV, so you can drive on sunshine!

How does SPAN work?

How does SPAN Drive allow me to charge faster?

Other Level 2 EV charging solutions usually require your electrician to set a fixed maximum charging rate during installation, based on load calculations. Otherwise, you may need costly upgrades to the wires connecting your home to the utility grid to maximize the charging rate.

SPAN is listed to UL 916 as an Energy Management System, allowing for dynamic charging management based on real-time home energy monitoring. This means you can charge faster (up to 48 Amps!) in most situations. If SPAN detects you’re nearing the limit of your utility connection rating (for example, if running multiple air conditioners while cooking on your electric range), SPAN Drive’s charge rate will be temporarily decreased until that extra power is available.

If your top priority is charging your EV, SPAN offers “Level 2.X” charging speeds by pausing your selected non-essential appliances (like a pool pump or hot water heater) to ensure you have the full 48 Amps available for your EV.

Managing Your Battery Backup

How does SPAN Drive help manage EV charging in an outage?

Without SPAN, it’s difficult to manage large loads like EV charging in an outage without having them drain or overload your home battery. Without SPAN, these circuits are usually permanently installed as “non-backed-up” loads, limiting your options for charging during an outage.

Your SPAN Panel uses your backup priorities, along with whole-home energy insights to automatically modulate the charge rate of your vehicle when you are running off of limited battery+solar energy during outages. This helps you last through any outage while ensuring EV charging is always an option if you need to get away.

Can I install multiple SPAN Drive chargers at my home?

Yes, SPAN Drive is designed to support charge-sharing between multiple chargers.

Does SPAN Drive need an internet connection to charge my car?

No, your SPAN Panel and SPAN Drive will continue to follow your settings even without an internet connection. To adjust Drive settings without an internet connection, SPAN is developing a local control dashboard which will be available after a future OTA update.

Can SPAN Drive open my Tesla EV's charging port door automatically?

This feature will not be available out of the box, but we're exploring future updates to SPAN Drive to allow automatically opening vehicle charge port doors. Please note that all Tesla charge port doors are equipped with capacitive touch sensors and can be opened from outside of the vehicle.