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SPAN Drive Installation

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Should I wait to get everything installed at once?

There's no need to wait! SPAN Drive can easily be added to any SPAN Panel installation with a small amount of preparation during your Panel installation.

You or your SPAN representative can share instructions with your electrician for preparing your home for SPAN Drive.

Can SPAN Drive be installed with a NEMA outlet?

SPAN does not recommend installing a new NEMA 14-50 outlet with SPAN Drive.

National Electric Code (NEC) has been updated to require all NEMA 14-50 outlets to be installed on a GFCI breaker. SPAN Drive includes onboard GFCI to protect itself, and having two GFCIs on the same circuit can cause nuisance tripping. Additionally, the quality and construction of NEMA 14-50 outlets can vary. Many of the cheaper outlet options have proven unsuitable for the long charging durations required for EVs, which causes a long-term reliability concern.

For more reliable charging and better-looking installation SPAN Drive should be installed directly connected to your SPAN Panel on a standard 2-pole breaker.