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SPAN Drive System Design & Specifications

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SPAN Drive is an excellent EV charging solution for any home, with or without solar or batteries.

SPAN Drive is designed to pair with a SPAN Panel, and is installed on a standard 60A 2-pole circuit breaker.

Can I backup my home with SPAN Drive?

Today, we’ve not announced vehicle-to-grid or vehicle-to-home (V2x) bi-directional functionality. The SPAN system has been intentionally designed to enable the most intelligent home backup system, and we intend to continue building integrations and features for flexible home backup as EV manufacturers advance bi-directional charging from concept to reality in the coming years.

Please note: SPAN Drive is a Level 2 AC charger with the standard J1772 connector style. If your vehicle is not able to be charged with this connector, you will need to contact your vehicle manufacturer to obtain the adapter for your specific vehicle.

What if I need a longer charging cable?

The charging cable that comes with SPAN Drive is 20ft in length. Today, we do not offer any extended lengths and we are unable to modify the length for any reason.

We recognize that there may be a need for a longer charging cable. We recommend working with your installer to ensure Drive is located within short distance of your preferred charging location. If needed, Drive may be installed up to 100 meters from your Panel location.


For full performance specifications, refer to the SPAN Drive datasheet:

For detailed guidance on preparing for installation, see SPAN Drive Installation