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My SPAN Panel has lost connection to the internet!

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In order to control your SPAN Home App, SPAN requires an internet connection. If you receive a "Panel Offline" alert, this means your Panel has lost its connection to the internet.

Please try the following troubleshooting steps to reconnect your Panel to the internet.

  1. Confirm your home internet is working. Do you have a working internet connection on other devices, such as your smartphone or computer?
    If you are unsure, put your phone in airplane mode and connect to your home wifi. If you are able to use your wifi connection in this configuration, your home internet should be working fine.
    If not:
    1. Make sure all Circuits that contain networking equipment are set up in the Circuits with Internet page.
    2. Make sure your router is on.
    3. Check with your ISP to see if there is an outage

  2. Have you recently made any changes to your home network?
    1. If you have recently changed your wifi password, please update this using the Local Connection workflow in the SPAN Home App. 
    2. If you have moved or unplugged any ethernet cables or network switches, try returning them to their original configuration.

  3. Restart your home router.

If your internet is working and you have tried the above steps with no luck, please contact SPAN Support with your serial number and the steps you have already taken and we will further troubleshoot the connection for you.