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Alexa Integration

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SPAN owners are able to integrate their SPAN Home App with Alexa, allowing them to add an intuitive voice-enabled interface to their home energy. Customers can use Alexa-enabled devices to perform different tasks or to check solar and battery states.

They can also use the Amazon Alexa App to schedule when circuits automatically go on/off using the "Routines" feature. This can help homeowners reduce their energy usage during peak hours, reducing their utility bills. This document describes the steps to accomplish this task.


Connecting to Alexa:

  1. To connect to Alexa, you’ll follow these steps:
  2. Open your SPAN Home App
  3. Click Settings followed by “All Settings”
  4. From the list, choose “Alexa”
  5. Click “Connect” to connect with your Alexa devices.



Alexa Voice Commands:

Below you will find available SPAN functions and Alexa voice commands. Give it a try yourself!



Troubleshooting Alexa Voice Commands:

Alexa should be able to understand different variations of the voice commands listed above, but if for some reason Alexa doesn't, try the following:

  1. Open SPAN Alexa Skill by asking "Alexa, open SPAN", then try the voice command.
    • This will allow Alexa to be more prepared in understanding your different areas.
  2. Rename areas to something shorter or more differentiating.
    • Example: Change "Bedroom 1" and "Bedroom 2" to "Mark's Bedroom" and "Kate's Bedroom."
    • You can change an area name by going to the specific area and hitting "Edit" next to the space's name.




Requirements and Equipment:

  • One primary SPAN Panel and SPAN Home phone app
    • Today, only one SPAN Panel in your SPAN Home account may be paired with an Alexa account. If multiple Panels exist in your home, or across multiple homes, pair your Alexa account to the primary Panel in your main home.
  • Amazon account
    • Prime subscription not required
  • Amazon Alexa phone app
    • Homeowner does NOT need to have a voice activated Alexa hardware device like the Echo Dot for this function

Amazon Alexa App Settings:

  1. In the SPAN Home App, select setting under “all settings”and find and select “Alexa.”
  2. Select “Connect to Alexa” to add your SPAN Panel in the Alexa app. This step will result in seeing each SPAN circuit as a “Device” in the Alexa App.
  3. Access the Alexa App and select “Devices.” All your SPAN circuits should be listed in this section.
  4. Select the SPAN circuit you wish to schedule.
  5. Turning a SPAN Circuit "OFF" “ON”
    • Turning OFF
        • NAME the routine  (ex: “Turn Off Exterior Lights Daily”)
        • Select “Repeat” and check-mark preferred days of the week
        • Select a time of day “When It’s” (ex: when TOU rate tier changes in the afternoon)
        • Define Action “Alexa Will” with the “+” sign. Select Device “schedule to define circuit scheduling  

    • Turning On
        • Select the circuit to be turned on (ex: Exterior Lights”)
        • Define the routine name (ex: “Turn On Exterior Lights Daily”)
          • Select “Repeat” and identify the preferred days of the week
          • Select the time of day when you want to control the circuit
        • Add Action by selecting “Alexa Says” with the “+” sign
          • Select custom
          • Input the command you wish Alexa to complete “turn on exterior lights”
          • Identify the device this action should be completed on.