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Alexa Integration

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The SPAN Home Alexa skill gives owners of the SPAN Smart Panel an intuitive voice-enabled interface to their home energy. Customers can use Alexa-enabled devices to perform different tasks or to check solar and battery states.


Below you will find available SPAN functions and Alexa voice commands. Give it a try yourself!


Troubleshooting Alexa Voice Commands

Alexa should be able to understand different variations of the voice commands listed above, but if for some reason Alexa doesn't, try the following. 

  • Open SPAN Alexa Skill by asking "Alexa, open SPAN", then try the voice command.
    • This will allow Alexa to be more prepared in understanding your different areas.
  • Rename areas to something shorter or more differentiating. 
    • Example: Change "Bedroom 1" and "Bedroom 2" to "Mark's Bedroom" and "Kate's Bedroom". 
    • You can change an area name by going to the specific area and hitting "Edit" next to the space's name.