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SPAN Panel Installation Guide

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What should I install first if I'm getting SPAN with solar and battery storage?
If possible, the simplest approach is to have SPAN installed at the same time as your solar and battery systems, to ensure each system is landed in the Panel or storage gateway/hub without the need to rewire anything or move loads/breakers around. 

The second-best option would be to have SPAN installed before solar and battery backup systems. 

SPAN could be installed after the solar and battery system, but please note this would likely require more work to move loads around. 

As you plan, please consult this FAQ article for the most up-to-date list of storage system integrations: What Solar & Storage Systems is SPAN compatible with?



How to prepare for your SPAN installation!

Site Survey

Before you schedule your installation, a Site Survey with your installer will need to be completed. The purpose of this visit is to allow the electrician the opportunity to confirm technical details and adequately prepare for installation. During the inspection, the electrician may need to exercise your existing panel breakers, but there will be no significant disruption to power. 

Prepare Your Home

To ensure quick and efficient installation, clear the ground, wall space, and any key access points for installers to work. Minimum clearances required for installation of SPAN are shown below:mceclip0.png

Installation Day

What to expect on installation day!

Like any electrical panel upgrade, power will be turned off for approximately 3-8 hours and your internet service will likely be impacted for the duration.

A few suggestions: 

  • Plan for a full day without internet access. 
  • Avoid opening your refrigerator and/or remove sensitive items.
  • Complete any tasks using electric appliances before your scheduled appointment (e.g. use of electric stovetops or laundry machines). 

You will need to be at home and available throughout the day of your installation.

Before your installer leaves!

You can expect the installer to:

  • Ensure your panel is connected to the Internet at the end of the installation
  • Upload the names of your Circuits to the SPAN Home App
  • Enroll you in the SPAN system and initiate your account registration

Once the SPAN Smart Panel installation is complete, you can proceed with installing and logging into the SPAN Home App: Post-Installation

Post-Installation Day

You will be enrolled in SPAN’s system and registered for the SPAN Home App by your SPAN-authorized Installer as the final step before they leave your home. This will initiate a registration email that will be sent to your inbox.

To download the Span Home App:

  • Open your onboarding email directly on your mobile device.
  • Click on the download button for the appropriate operating system: iOS or Android.
  • Click on the Install button to begin the download.