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Software Updates

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April 2022 - version 202202

  • Improved SPAN’s modem and WiFi AP connectivity
  • Improved stable communication with Tesla Energy Storage system
  • Added SPAN’s compatibility with new SolarEdge Energy Bank battery

October 2021 - version 20213400

  • When the panel is undergoing a software update, the interior LEDs will pulse to notify installers and homeowners
  • Improved Span’s network connection with Tesla Energy Storage system
  • Various improvements related to SolarEdge commissioning and integration
  • General stability improvements

July 2021 - Version 20212600 

  • Improved SolarEdge and Tesla Energy Storage System integrations
  • Improved panel performance at high temperatures 
  • Updated on-device notifications  

June 2021 - Version 20211800 

  • Various bug fixes and improvements related to SolarEdge integration, networking performance, and thermal performance.