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Storage with SPAN

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We Take Home Backup Seriously

Delivering reliable power—especially during outages—is essential. At SPAN, we intentionally evaluate every backup system we integrate with. This includes extensive performance testing and establishing direct communications between SPAN and the storage system to enable backup prioritization, system monitoring, and predictive algorithms. Today SPAN is compatible with the market-leading, field-proven home battery systems covering over 85% of the market.

NOTE: Refer to the manufacturer’s Installation Manual(s) for each system above for complete installation, commissioning, and troubleshooting instructions.

Compatible Storage Systems

SPAN is currently integrated with the following battery storage systems:

  • Tesla Powerwall
    • Powerwall 2 (with Backup Gateway 1 or Backup Gateway 2)
    • Powerwall 3 (with Backup Switch, Backup Gateway 2, Backup Gateway 3)
    • Powerwall+ (with Backup Switch or Backup Gateway 2)
  • SolarEdge Home Hub
    • with Home Backup Interface
    • with SolarEdge Home Battery
      *SPAN can be paired with up to 2 Energy Hub inverters
  • Enphase IQ Battery
    • IQ 3, 3T, 10, 10T batteries with IQ System Controller 1 or 2*
    • IQ 5P batteries with IQ System Controller 3*
      *Enphase IQ Battery compatibility requires SPAN Remote Meter Kit accessory.
  • FranklinWH aPower 
    • aPower (with aGate)

If a battery storage system is not included above, we are not currently compatible. 

Backup Priorities

When paired with a battery storage system, SPAN allows you to set a backup priority level for each circuit in your home to extend your battery capacity. Priorities are automatically applied when SPAN detects the utility grid is down. Priorities can be updated at any time via the SPAN Home app, including during an outage. See the Getting Started content for a detailed description of SPAN’s backup priority settings.