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How can SPAN help me avoid a service upgrade?

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SPAN can help to avoid a service conductor upgrade with an enhancement called PowerUp, a smart energy management system that keeps incoming power below a home’s service rating. 


In order to determine if SPAN is able to help you avoid a service conductor upgrade, it is best to discuss your questions with a SPAN-authorized installer who will use our online tools to assess your home’s eligibility. 

To get started, please submit your information with this online form to be put in touch with a local SPAN-authorized installer. Please include a note in the form’s additional comments section that you are interested in service upgrade avoidance. 

Please note: PowerUp may not be available in your location due to local code requirements.


To discover how you can maximize the benefits of your existing home service, explore our latest feature, PowerUp, by clicking on the following link: What is PowerUp?


More information for SPAN installers can be found in SPAN’s Tech Portal