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Can I opt out of Appliance Enrollment?

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Yes! If you decide you would like to opt out of the Appliance Enrollment program, please contact us through the Feedback section in your SPAN Home app settings.

What will SPAN do with my data?

We will analyze energy data from your enrolled appliance(s) and compare it with our fleet to better understand and identify behaviors and anomalies.

Will Appliance Enrollment cost me anything?

No—this program is completely free for current SPAN owners!

Do I receive any compensation for participation?

As this program is voluntary, there is no compensation for your participation.

Can I reach out to SPAN Technical Support with questions about Appliance Enrollment?

As Appliance Enrollment is an unsupported beta program, all communications and/or issue reports should be routed directly through the “Feedback” option in the SPAN Home app, and not directed to SPAN Technical Support.