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What is Appliance Enrollment?

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Appliance enrollment is an effective way to help SPAN understand and confirm appliance behavior, with the goal of eventually providing more nuanced data to SPAN owners. We need homeowners' help correlating real appliance behavior with data analysis to improve our current data quality.

Over time, we plan to improve our software functionality by learning more about power signatures, behavioral anomalies, and appliance-specific energy insights.

What appliances can I enroll?

What appliances can I enroll

The appliances you can enroll will vary based on the configuration of your home’s electrical circuits. You can see which appliances in your home qualify once you begin the Appliance Enrollment process.

Why won’t my appliance(s) appear on the list?

Appliance Enrollment only includes select appliances. If you don’t see your appliance yet, don’t worry—we will be adding more appliances to our eligibility list in the future. 

When will SPAN contact me?

In rare instances, we will contact you via email to confirm information about your appliance.