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What's wrong with my data?

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SPAN is compatible with the following battery storage systems: Tesla, SolarEdge, FranklinWH, Enphase.

Once installed, your battery storage system will pass data to SPAN so you can see that information reflected in the SPAN Home App. While this data should align well with the data reflected in the battery storage system's app (Tesla App, mySolarEdge, FranklinWH App, Enlighten), there are times when there may be some discrepancies.

This article details what to do if you are seeing the following data discrepancies: 

I don't see any solar and/or battery data in the SPAN app.

If you have solar and batteries installed, but don't see them active on the Flows screen, the system may not have been configured correctly, or may have been installed by someone who does not have access to the SPAN Installer app.

The solar inverter breaker must either be located in SPAN or upstream of SPAN in a compatible battery system, such as SolarEdge Backup Interface or a Tesla Gateway or Powerwall+.

If solar and batteries have been configured properly, you will see the yellow sun icon and green battery icon on the Flows page.

SPAN authorized installers and SPAN Support can add solar and battery hardware to your Home app.

Please see Adding Circuit Breakers, Solar, Batteries to Your SPAN Panel and Why doesn't my Home app show solar production data?



My solar electricity production looks like home consumption in the SPAN Home app.

If the SPAN app is reporting the solar production as a home load, the solar inverter breaker may have been configured incorrectly during installation. SPAN authorized installers will use the SPAN Installer app to commission the system, including adding the solar inverter as hardware.

If the solar inverter breaker is in SPAN, but was added to the Panel as a regular branch breaker, solar electricity production will appear as home consumption in the SPAN Home app.

A SPAN authorized installer or the SPAN Support team can update the commissioning to address this. See Adding solar to your SPAN Panel and Why doesn't my Home app show solar production data?


The total home consumption in the SPAN Home app is greater than the sum of the individual circuits.

The SPAN Panel itself monitors only the circuits in the SPAN, and not upstream or downstream loads.

For this reason, the data for individual SPAN circuits may add up to a slightly different number than what's displayed for total home consumption.

If you have solar and batteries, there could be a load upstream of SPAN (such as a subpanel or EV charger) that is powered by the storage equipment and contributes to the total home consumption.

If there is an upstream load that has not been configured in the SPAN Installer App, the home consumption will not reflect that load.

Your SPAN installer or SPAN Support can update the system to account for loads upstream of SPAN. 


The solar production in the SPAN Home app doesn't match the solar production in the solar app.

For SolarEdge systems, it's best to check the SolarEdge web dashboard in addition to the mySolarEdge app. 

For Tesla systems, SPAN gets the solar data from the Tesla Gateway. It's possible the current transformers (CTs) were not wired properly in the Tesla Gateway.

For example, if SPAN is reporting half or double the solar production Tesla reports, that's a good indicator that the current transformers are facing the wrong direction.

Please contact Tesla Support or your Tesla installer to verify the CTs are installed correctly. SPAN Support won't be able to verify this on our end but Tesla Support or your Tesla Installer should be able to verify if the CTs were installed correctly.


Solar production is visible in the Enphase app, but not in the SPAN app.

SPAN's Remote Meter Kit is required to enable compatibility with Enphase systems. The Remote Meter Kit is wired into the Enphase system to measure voltage and current at various points in order to capture grid state, solar production, battery power and home loads. This data is transmitted to the SPAN Panel through current transformers (CTs) and a single communications cable.

If you see a solar reading of 0W in the SPAN Home app, for example, it’s possible that the current transformers (CTs) were installed backwards. SPAN would see negative solar production and present a solar reading of 0W. SPAN Support can help identify mis-wiring of the CTs, however, the wiring may need to be confirmed and corrected by the installer.


Troubleshooting Guidance

If you would like assistance troubleshooting a data discrepancy, please contact SPAN Support with the following information:

Required Information: 

  • SPAN serial number 
  • Screenshots from both the SPAN Home App and solar/battery app taken at the same time for comparison purposes.
    • Please note for SolarEdge issues, it's best to take a screenshot of the web dashboard.
  • Confirm the solar and battery breaker locations (in SPAN, or upstream of SPAN such as in a Tesla Gateway or SolarEdge Backup Interface)
  • SPAN Support can gather more information by adding Support to your Home App account. Please indicate whether you grant permission for Support to view your Home app remotely.

More Information that can help troubleshoot:

  • When did you notice this issue?
  • Does it seem to happen at a particular time of day consistently?
  • Do you have a plan set from the solar/battery installer?
    • A single line diagram can be very helpful in understanding the whole system.
  • Does your solar/battery system have Permission to Operate (PTO) at this time, or are you waiting on approval from the utility?
  • Have you made any changes to your SPAN circuits or solar/battery hardware recently?
  • Are there any appliances powered by circuits that are not in the SPAN Panel but are supported by the battery system, such as an EV charger, another electrical panel or subpanel?