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How is my energy use categorized?

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Where can I find out how I'm using energy?

In the SPAN Home app, the "Stats" tab has a section called "How you're using energy," broken into the following categories:

  • Lighting and Outlets
  • Appliances
  • Heating and Cooling
  • Transport
  • Leisure


How does SPAN know how to categorize circuits?

Energy use is categorized based on the name of the circuit and the appliances added to it. See How to add appliances and devices to your Circuits.

For example, if a circuit is named Kitchen and has a dishwasher added to the circuit, it will be in the Appliances category. More examples are listed below:

Category Example word matches
Lighting and Outlets light, plug, outlet, chandelier, gfci . . . 
Appliances laundry, stove, microwave, refrigerator, disposal, blender
Heating & Cooling air conditioner, HVAC, air handler, mini split
Transport car, EVSE, EV, vehicle, Tesla . . .
Leisure pool, jacuzzi, media, workout, television . . . 

Why is so much of my energy use in the unknown category?

Circuits without appliances added or with ambiguous names will fall in the unknown category.

Newly installed SPAN Panels will show 100% unknown for up to the first month while SPAN analyzes the names of the appliances and circuits to properly categorize.

SPAN does not analyze individual appliances within the circuit. If there are appliances from different categories on a single circuit, this will affect the energy use statistics. For example, if one circuit has a light, a television, and a microwave, SPAN may categorize it as Lighting, Appliances, or Leisure.

Can I see which circuits fall into which category?

No, the Stats tab shows a rough percentage of each category, but does not specify the category of each circuit.