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Getting SPAN-Authorized

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Why become a SPAN-Authorized installer? 

Before installing and commissioning SPAN products, we require installers to complete our online training course to become SPAN “Authorized.” Once training is completed, installers are given access to our Installer App, which allows you to commission our products and activate the homeowner’s account.

If multiple installers within a company will be installing SPAN products, each installer will need to complete the training.

How do I become SPAN-Authorized? 

To become SPAN-Authorized, someone with legal signing authority for an installer’s company will first need to fill out an application and sign our Authorized Installer Agreement, following these instructions: 

  1. Go to the Tech Portal
  2. Create An Account
    • Click the blue “Enrollment Application” hyperlink at the top of the page.
    • Create your user profile and once given the “Success” message, click “Next.”
    • Choose “Create New” and fill out your company’s information.
    • Check your email and you’ll receive an invitation to update your password for the Tech Portal. Once completed, you’ll now have admin privileges within the portal.
  3. Sign the SPAN Authorized Installer Agreement
    • On the Tech Portal homepage, click on “Company Administration.”
    • At the top of the page in blue reads “Click here to complete the SPAN Authorized Installer Agreement!” Click this and fill out the form. 
    • You’ll receive an email asking you to sign the agreement. 
    • It can take up to 2 business days for your company’s application to be reviewed and approved but in the meantime, you as your company’s Tech Portal Admin will be able to invite your installers to start training. 

Once an installer is invited to join the Tech Portal by their Tech Portal Admin (instructions below), they will receive an email invitation with instructions to log into the Tech Portal. From there, they will be able to click the “Installer Training” box on the homepage of the Tech Portal and complete training. 

If an installer is interested in learning more about SPAN or has questions before or after becoming authorized, they can fill out our Get Quote form (choosing Professional) and a member of our Sales team will follow up. 

How do I access PowerUp?

PowerUp is a smart energy management system developed by SPAN to keep incoming power below a home’s service rating. This enables homeowners to install electric appliances that their home may not normally support by managing power to SPAN circuits and requires a SPAN-Authorized installer for set up. 

To enable  PowerUp during commissioning, you'll need to first complete our PowerUp training. PowerUp Training has been integrated into the "Installer Training" section of the Tech Portal. New users who complete this training will automatically have the ability to enable PowerUp.

For installers who previously completed training but can't yet enable PowerUp, simply log into the Tech Portal, go to "New - SPAN PowerUp," and click the "Installer Training" button that shows up at the very top. 


Once completed, your access will be updated. 

For more information about about PowerUp installers should check out: Tech Portal: PowerUp Quickstart Guide.


How do I invite my team to get SPAN-Authorized?

Your company’s Tech Portal Admin can invite members of your team to the portal as follows:

  1. Go to the Tech Portal
  2. Click on the  “Company Administration” box. 
  3. Under “Update Company Details or Add Users below,” click “Add New Employees” and click “Next.”
  4. You’ll be directed to the list of your current (if any) previously invited installers. Toggle the “Add New Employees” button at the bottom of the screen & Click “Next.”
  5. Fill out the form and the installer will be emailed an invitation to join Tech Portal.

How do I log into the Tech Portal and complete training? 

Once you receive the email invitation to join the Tech Portal from your Account Admin, you’ll be able to access the Tech Portal and begin training: 

  1. Navigate to the Tech Portal through the emailed link (your username is your email address with .spanportal at the end).
  2. Click the “Installer Training” button on the home screen.
  3. Watch the first video (an intro to the Tech Portal) and check the box that appears below the video.
  4. After checking the box, the option to proceed to the next video will appear; click to continue.
  5. Repeat steps 3-5 until all videos have been completed. 

For the final video, you’ll be asked to press “Finish” and you’ll be sent an email invitation to download and log into the Installer App.

How do I log into the Installer App? 

After you finish your training, you’ll be invited to download the SPAN Installer App. If you don’t see this email in your inbox after finishing training, download the SPAN Installer App from The App Store or Google Play and click the “Resend” button. 

The first time the App opens, it should ask you to fill out your details and create a password. If this doesn’t happen, simply login using the password found at the very bottom of the email you received and then update the password later.