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Why doesn't my Home App show Solar Production data?

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Solar Data Displayed in the Home App

The SPAN Home App displays solar production data when a solar system is successfully added to the SPAN configuration by an authorized SPAN installer or SPAN Support. 

When a solar system is added, the yellow sun icon in the Home app will turn from gray to yellow and  show live solar production values. Solar information will also be tracked in the Home App.


The SPAN Home App Flow screen illustrates the direction power is flowing in your home. 

    • Solar line flowing from the solar icon to the Panel indicates solar is being produced.
    • Grid flow direction indicates if the Panel is sending power to the grid or receiving power from the grid.
    • Battery flow indicates if the battery is being charged or if SPAN is receiving power from the battery

Adding Solar to Your SPAN Configuration

Your SPAN configuration will need to be updated to include the solar inverter information. Full instructions & required information can be found here: Adding Solar (without battery backup).

Solar Data & Monitoring

SPAN can monitor your home’s solar production in the following ways only:

    1. With built-in relay measurements in the SPAN Panel. Solar breakers landed directly in the panel. 
    2. Through integration with a SolarEdge Energy Hub or Tesla Storage System. Solar production would be upstream of SPAN in this scenario, landed in either SolarEdge’s BackUp Interface or Tesla’s Gateway or Tesla’s Powerwall+. The storage system monitors solar production and reports the values to SPAN for Home App display.
    3. Through integration with a FranklinWH Storage System. The solar breakers can either be landed upstream of SPAN in the aGate’s dedicated solar breaker position or in the SPAN Panel. When solar circuits are installed in the SPAN Panel, a FranklinWH aPbox must be installed to manage solar circuits.
    4. Using SPAN Remote Meter Kit CTs when SPAN is installed with an Enphase storage system. In this scenario, solar production also lands upstream of SPAN, inside Enphase’s Site Controller. Solar production is monitored by SPAN, not Enphase.
      Please note: While SPAN Remote Meter Kit is able to monitor solar production, it is only intended for use when installed with an Enphase storage system. Upstream (of SPAN) solar-only monitoring through SPAN Remote Meter Kit is not supported today.

See our FAQ for full information about compatibility:  Storage System Integrations with SPAN

Solar Data Will Not Display When

    • Solar breakers are landed in the incorrect slots in SPAN. 
        • If solar is landed in a traditional subpanel fed by SPAN or another electrical panel outside of SPAN, the solar data cannot appear in the SPAN Home App. 
    • Solar breakers are landed in a non-compatible battery system
    • Solar breakers are installed upstream of SPAN in an unmonitored configuration, such as a line-side tap or supply-side connection 
    • The system is awaiting permission to operate and is not currently producing.
    • The solar system has not been added to the SPAN configuration by a SPAN-authorized installer or SPAN Support yet.
    • The solar breaker was labeled as a regular branch breaker instead of added to your SPAN configuration as solar hardware.
        •  Contact SPAN Support with the instructions below for assistance. 

Please note: SPAN does not require any additional CTs or monitoring for solar when the solar breakers are landed in the approved slots in SPAN. When installed with a compatible storage system, SPAN receives battery and solar information from the storage system or from SPAN Remote Meter.

Troubleshooting Guidance 

Confirm the Solar Breaker Location:

    • Solar breakers can be landed in any location in SPAN
    • If solar breakers are not landed in SPAN, confirm the storage system is compatible with SPAN.  See our FAQ for full information about compatibility:  Storage System Integrations with SPAN
    • For SPAN with Enphase and Remote Meter Kit, ask your installer to confirm CTs are installed correctly if solar breakers are not landed in SPAN.

Compare SPAN Home App to your Solar App

    • If your solar app displays no solar production, please contact to your solar installer for support with the solar system
    • When paired with a compatible battery storage system,  SPAN receives information from the storage system or from SPAN Remote Meter for solar, battery, and grid status.
    • With Enphase systems integrated using SPAN Remote Meter, solar production is reported in the SPAN Home app with 1W precision, while in the Enphase app it is reported with 100W precision (when measuring more than 100W). When Enphase measures below the 100W threshold, it reports 0W. Due to background processes, communication, battery balancing, etc. the SPAN Home app may report small amounts of powerflow when the Enphase app does not, due to the differences in reporting precision.
    • Differences in solar values may be caused by the reasons listed above, or installation errors such as missing or backwards CT. 
If you have exhausted the above steps for troubleshooting, have confirmed with your installer that solar is landed in the correct locations, and you have PTO, please contact SPAN Support with the following information:
  • SPAN serial number 
  • for questions related to solar breaker location: include a picture of your SPAN breakers
  • for questions related to App data: include screenshots from both the SPAN Home App and solar provider app taken at the same time for comparison purposes.
  • to correct breaker labeled "solar": include
    • breaker number,
    • solar brand/model number
    • DC array size.