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How does Lock Drive work?

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SPAN Drive’s Lock feature adds an extra layer of security if your Drive is installed in a location where someone outside of your household might be able to access and use your charger. Prevent unwanted charging sessions by simply using your SPAN Home App to lock your Drive anytime.

How to lock and unlock Drive:

  • From the SPAN Home app, navigate to the SPAN Drive section.

  • You will see a white padlock icon to the left of your car avatar.

  • Tap the padlock once to lock your SPAN Drive. The padlock icon will turn yellow when Drive is locked*.

  • Tap the icon again to unlock your SPAN Drive. The padlock icon will return to white.
    *SPAN Drive might take a few seconds to lock.


What happens if my vehicle is currently charging and I lock Drive?

If a vehicle is currently charging and SPAN Drive is locked, the charging session will stop after a few seconds and will not resume until SPAN Drive is unlocked. Please note: Anyone who has access to your Home App account will be able to lock Drive.

What happens if Drive is locked and I have a schedule set?

If Drive is locked in the middle of your scheduled charging, Drive will stop charging after a few seconds. Once Drive is unlocked, if still within your programmed schedule, charging will immediately resume. If your programmed schedule has ended, you will need to change your settings to charge your car dynamically as your car will not charge outside of your programmed schedule.

What happens if I plug my car while SPAN Drive is locked?

Vehicles will not charge while SPAN Drive is locked. If your Drive is locked and you need to charge your car, please unlock Drive first.

How long will SPAN Drive stay locked? Will it automatically unlock after some time?

SPAN Drive will stay locked until it is unlocked via the Home App or by resetting the Drive breaker.

Lock Drive Troubleshooting:

What happens if I lose internet connectivity and cannot unlock my Drive?

If SPAN Drive is locked and you can’t communicate with it, you can still unlock Drive via the SPAN Panel by following the below troubleshooting steps:

  1. Open the SPAN Panel door and find the breaker where SPAN Drive is connected.

  2. Flip the Drive breaker off and back on.

  3. Leaving the door open, wait 3 minutes for the Drive to reboot, after which it should be unlocked and ready to charge a vehicle. Do not close the door during this waiting period or you may need to start over.

  4. Close the SPAN Panel door.